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Flat-pack Container

Flat-pack Container Unique outlook with cozy interior

Expandable Container

Expandable Container Easy installation, wide usage

Foldable Container

Foldable Container For emergency, extreme set up speed

Portable Toilet

Portable Toilet Cost effective, Customizable

Expandable Container House Expandable Container House Detachable Container House Detachable Container House

About Us

As a mature prefab housing solution provider, Sunfine has involved in various business projects by providing different form of prefabricated product. With decade of experience accumulated, we are capable in applying prefab housing in all kinds of complex scenario with flexible combination between variety of styles. Besides the wide product category, our professional designers are ready to provide their expertise sufficient for a wide range of design tasks.

Starting from 2011, Sunfine has established 5 production base located in Xiamen, Foshan, Suzhou, Hengshui, Shenyang providing 80000 unit capacity annually. Those locations from Southern to Northern China also give us the ability to optimize logistic and managed to give our customer the most competitive price related to efficient delivery.

Our mission is to provide products with core strengths in our portfolio and combine them with intelligent diversification to deliver strong and sustainable profitable growth for our customers. Sustainability and quality customer service run through everything we do to support our vision of becoming the first choice of employer and business partner worldwide.

About Us
Detachable Container
Detachable Container Extreme flexible, Prefab housing innovation